Making Friends with Discipline

Making friends with Discipline One of my client’s favorite guided visualizations is the Personal Power Room exercise, where they go through this sacred palace and walk through the 7 Different Rooms that comprise their Personal Power. And while some people feel more connected with the room of Love, and another one with Lightheartedness, they all,… Read more »

Losing Momentum…and Getting Back on Track

I get really psyched about a goal then lose momentum fairly quickly. Why does that happen and what can I do about that? Human beings are pretty funny (as in peculiar as well as ha-ha) creatures. We often crave what we fear, and we also fear what we crave. What I find with both myself… Read more »

Ending the Recovering Good Girl Syndrome (RGGS)

I see the RGGS wherever I go, and hear it from almost every female I know, but most of all I see it in myself. It’s the dynamic tension between this amazing powerful knowing in a woman who hungers for greatness and the other aspect of self who is afraid of making waves, hurting feelings,… Read more »

How Learning to Love Myself Rocked My World

My eating disorder wasn’t killing me but the chronic focus on self-loathing was killing my spirit. At 26, I had a spiritual awakening that changed my life. I was locking the door to my apartment and as always, the negative self-talk I now call the “Itty Bitty Committee” was yapping away. “What if you remain… Read more »

“Life is a tad nutty and a bit insane if you’re doing it right”

I was on a coaching session with a client (I got permission to share this) and we were celebrating with “Woo-Hoo’s” and lots of hooting and hollering about the new position she was just offered, and her delight and excitement of this amazing opportunity. Not less than a moment later, she paused and said, “Wow,… Read more »

Overcoming External Overwhelm

Two weeks ago I wrote about Overcoming Internal Overwhelm, those scrappy chronic self-sabotaging negative beliefs that keep us out of the moment and overwhelmed with our life. This week I want to explore how to Overcome External Overwhelm, which is all about how to support yourself and actually become friends with your life, your schedule… Read more »

Person of the Month!

I feel honored to have been interviewed and given the honor of being named Person of the Month on Definitely a website that is about elevating and inspiring people. A shout out to Amy for all the great work she does in the world and in her community. Check out the interview here!

Overcoming Overwhelm-A Four Step Process

The great thing about being a Speaker, Coach and Trainer is the opportunity to get to use my own “damn brilliant advice.” Clearly we teach what we have to learn! Last week while getting ready for my webinar “Soul Crushing to Soul Thriving Practices for the Solo-Preneur” (link to replay forthcoming), I was going over… Read more »

Calling All Solo-preneurs!

* Are you nailed by e-mail? * Deal with weapons of mass distractions? * Sick of working all day and not sure if you’ve accomplished anything? If so, listen in on Thursday, March 8 to my FREE one-hour teleseminar, “From Soul Crushing to Soul Thriving Practices for the Solo-Preneur,” that puts the “fun” back in… Read more »