Stop Beiging Yourself Out!

I look to nature as the great teacher for so many things, trust in the cycle of life, the omnipresence of abundance and grace, and most lately; CELEBRATING YOUR MOST VIVID VIBRANT BEAUTIFUL SELF TO THE WORLD. Stop beiging yourself out! As kids, we are so connected to all of our multi-faceted fabulousness, and then… Read more »

When we have more compelling, interesting, and connected conversations we transform ourselves, each other, and the world around us!

Yesterday I was on the phone with Verizon for the 17th million time. I was frustrated beyond belief. I felt like I needed a Ph.D. just to gain access to my account and set up auto-pay. Long story short. I got on a phone call with a lovely representative, who not only empathized deeply with… Read more »

Common Sense; Uncommonly Practiced

Today I woke up to a lovely email from a dear friend who knows me for several decades, wished me luck on my upcoming radio interview, and told me “I was Rockin it!” My first response was to say, “Thanks, I appreciate that but I’m not blah blah blah (fill in the blanks) and to… Read more »

Think Career Translation versus Career Transition

“Wow, great cake, would love to know who the baker is,” I said to the well-coiffed 30 something woman seated next to me at my coaching client’s bridal shower. “Thanks, actually I baked it. I’m a bridal and wedding cake baker.” “Wow, it’s rare for a cake to both look and tastes great!” “Yup, I… Read more »

Finishing Strong Series, Give Yourself a Free Day

Today my plans got canceled for the day. I was supposed to visit a colleague and a friend about an hour away, and celebrate her new home! The non-stop report for “showers all day” in both our turfs put an end to our agenda. It was a bummer but we’ll reschedule, no biggie! I noticed… Read more »

The Power of Asking

One of my COVID projects is to launch a new website, and every month the heel marks got a little lighter, and knock on wood the new site will hopefully be up the end of October, mid-November. The last few days I’ve been working on the testimonial page, and truly touched by all the amazing… Read more »