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“Don't Reinvent the Wheel, put a Playful Spin on it.”
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"As any single, full time working mother knows (or really anyone, in this day and time), priority management is a big deal. The hour was not long enough.

The workshop was fun and energetic...I learned that it truly does not take more than a matter of minutes to slow down, refocus and ultimately become more productive from this exercise in meditation.

I walked away re-energized, with a greater sense of self and focus."

-Sharon Lewis
Director of Marketing
Hubbard Systems
Business workshop speaking is also a wonderful way to powerfully communicate the mission and vision of your company or organization. 

Popular Workshop Topics

Transition, It's Not a Pretty Sight: Navigating Change In Challenging Times

Change is occurring at record speed and affecting people on a profound level, both personally and professionally. Whether your company is being restructured, your current moped budget is colliding with your former jet-set lifestyle, or your empty nest is prompting re-evaluation; change plays a big part in the equation.

One thing is for sure: transition brings both challenges and opportunities. The challenges can include; heightened stress, chronic health issues, low productivity and poor teamwork. But the opportunities transitions present are limitless. These benefits can include: innovative ways of doing business, new partnerships, stronger relationships, and separating out the wheat from the chaff.

In "Transition..It's Not a Pretty Sight," a highly interactive and creative workshop, we take a playful poke at the human condition and how profoundly it parallels the butterfly's rich metamorphosis. We go through each of the eight stages of caterpillar development leading to the butterfly's best bold self. This includes initial resistance, and how it speaks to our own metamorphosis, incorporating powerful as well as practical exercises that will lead your participants through to their best bold selves!

Participants will learn how to:

  • Become proactive rather  than reactive
  • Become energized by change
  • Develop greater well-being and focus
  • Build a clear structure for effectively embracing and moving through transition

Bloated at the Banquet of Life: Savvy Solutions for Moving from Stress to Success

Have you ever gone to a buffet only to find that by the time you put your fourth or fifth selection on the plate, it all starts to meld together and by the second trip, you're so saturated, all you want to do is go to sleep?

Metaphorically, that is what's happening on a global level. We fill our lives with activities, commitments and a " to-do" list that rivals the heft of the Yellow Pages. As a culture, we are over-stimulated, busying ourselves out of our authentic life experience. The price we pay is feeling stuffed but not full-filled. As a result we become overwhelmed, experiencing burnout, health issues and low productivity. In this upbeat and highly interactive presentation/workshop, we lampoon the "more is still not enough" concept that rules most of our lives.

We will look at Five Power Principles that will help you to move from stress to success by shifting your perspective, as well as creative ways to bring simplicity and scintillation into your life. You will learn how to quit the BMW (Bitch Moan Whine) Club, how to deal with the "Itty Bitty Committee" (the sabotaging self-talk that always rants that you're not doing enough), as well as practical solutions for priority setting and creating a  more balanced life.

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • The mind/body connection and how it effects you
  • How to create and maintain priorities and focus
  • How to let go of distractions and "drainers" that keep us stressed
  • Practical, easy-to-apply self-care techniques that leave you energized

From Procrastination to Productivity: Five Power Principles to Get You Moving

Procrastination is one of the most misunderstood challenges with which we struggle. The impact is massive, and the price both individuals, companies and organizations pay is exorbitant; from health-related costs, to poor performance and low self-esteem, career sabotage to strained personal and professional relationships.

In "Procrastination to Productivity," we learn to see procrastination as a vital messenger that guides us to not only learn about ourselves, but to learn the types of tools and support we need to move forward in a powerfully engaged way. Ignoring procrastination's message, results in "doing the same thing and expecting a different result" (Sigmund Freud's definition of insanity!). This program is ideal for organizations in transition, as well as entrepreneurs and working moms.

Participants will learn:

  • To use your unique personality and learning style to move forward
  • To navigate learning curves with greater ease and energy
  • To stop beating yourself up and start focusing
  • How to stay engaged, establish a plan of action and create a power team
  • How to overcome one's DNA for dizzy distractions

Business Workshop Speaker

"Your presentation was nothing short of inspiring with just the right mix of humor, coaching, and sound life advice!  I highly recommend her!"

-Stacy Francis
Savvy Ladies Financial
Workshop Speaking is a great way to make the main principles of your event concrete. Your group comes away with specific tools that they can apply directly to their lives. As a workshop speaker, Lois Barth integrates her unique blend of story-telling and metaphor laced with the humor, energy and science, which forms the foundation of her work. She knows that educational speakers serve their audiences best by creating a laugh and learn environment.

Workshop Speaker

As an educational speaker, Lois is committed to edu-taining her groups in a way that promotes both retention and revitalization. She knows from her 20+ years experience as a speaker, coach, health care practitioner and comedienne that people learn best from material presented in an experiential way.

Educational Speakers

When thinking of a workshop speaker and deciding which program is right for you, speak to Lois directly. Prior to the presentation, she will schedule a session (along with a questionnaire) to further identify the needs and goals of your group.

Lois is committed to the participants in your company or organization getting optimal value. These are her most popular workshop topics, and can be customized to meet your needs.

Workshop Speaking

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