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“Feedback from Participants, Companies, and Event Planners.”
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"I really enjoyed your presentation. I walked in feeling exhausted and a little grumpy, and walked out feeling like I had an action plan."

-Christy Ezelle, Sr. Account Executive
Raves from Event Organizers, Leaders, and CEO's

"There are certain, specific moments in life that are turning points - moments after which nothing is ever quite the same. Meeting Lois Barth is one of those moments for me. I had big dreams, and little clarity. Lots of confidence, little faith. Lois' energy and warmth was so magnetic, I knew I needed to be around this woman. Lois asked the right questions for me to get clarity and focus. Her faith in me rubbed off on me and propelled me to take massive action. Lois is smart as a whip, funny as all hell, and as real as they come. I have gone from attorney to stay-at-home mom to tech company COO to Certified Coach with real paying clients, leading workshops and sharing my message with growing audiences - inspiring others to have faith in themselves and get out of their own way! Lois is like the sunshine I needed on the seed that is my potential. Forever grateful."

-Stacy Boegem, CEO Happiness Agenda

“Lois immediately energized the room through humor and compassion – all the time enlightening us about stress and using her ability to connect and share to reduce our burden and put it in perspective. It was exactly what our research personnel needed to lift them up while recovering from the effects of Sandy. Lois’ session resulted in such positive feedback from our group -  the common thread was “Thank you for providing tips for dealing with our stress and - disguising it with entertainment and laughter!”

-Lois Mannon, Director of Research Education, N.Y.U. Langone Medical Center

"Lois came to Grace Institute to share her time, talent and treasure with our students. She presented her fabulous "Stress Less, Thrive More" workshop to a group of about 30 women who are unemployed and attending Grace to gain the skills they need to make a better future for themselves and their children. Lois has a true gift of being able to make people feel safe being authentic and vulnerable – a gift that many of our students may not have encountered in a very long time, if at all. Her very presence, and the practical, relevant topic she presented on, was invaluable. We may never be able to quantify the impact she had on our students' lives."

-Jessica James, MSW  Director of Development, Grace Institute

"Bravo! Every one of our 350+ attendees left the room energized-overflowing with ideas they can use at work and in their personal lives."

-Aliana Apodaca, President Positive Directions, A Training Company

"Ms. Barth's exuberant presence transformed a tired pre-caffeinated crowd into an enthusiastic one. Her playfulness and ability to inspire, educate and empower made people comfortable to take risks and grow, while having fun in the process."

-Horace Batson, PHD, EVP, Corporate Development at MHSP

"Your workshop is still resonating with our members. It's contagious. You did so much in a short period of time."

-Susan Fine, Junior League, Montclair-Newark, President

"It's been a while since we've had a morning motivation get-up-on-your-feet type of speaker and it was a hit, and set the tone for the rest of the conference."

-Emily Synk, Governor, Society of Women Engineers

"We recently had Lois as a Speaker at one of our Advertising Women of New York Professional Development Events. Lois was dynamic, personable and extremely effective. She made the evening fun, interesting and gave actionable items to the participants in getting a handle on goals and planning for 2011. I would absolutely recommend and hire Lois again for any organization or corporate event. She is an excellent partner - we received an overwhelming positive response to the event!"

-Michelle Tenzyk, Owner and Principle of East Tenth Street Group

"Your presentation was nothing short of inspiring with just the right mix of humor, coaching, and sound life advice. You more than exceeded our expectations and I am looking forward to see you speak at many more events. When it comes to sound coaching advice, I can recommend you without hesitation. You understand a client's and audience's needs at the deepest levels and advises accordingly."

-Stacy Francis, Owner of Francis Financial Services and Savvy Ladies Financial

"Lois Barth is a fantastic motivational speaker who has an enormous passion for helping people overcome their obstacles and thrive professionally. Her presentation "From Procrastination to Productivity" was fun, energetic, and she gave extremely practical guidelines to help our seminar participants confront their procrastination and move forward. Her energy, humor, and creativity really sets her apart from other speakers. She literally had the room screaming "Woo-hoo!" Thanks Lois!

-Becca Marcus, Program Director, The Woodhull Institute

"Lois Barth is an amazing speaker, coach, and storyteller. She is a wise woman and an insightful one. You never walk away from one of her presentations the same person you were when you went in."

-Victoria Moran, Author, Speaker, and Life Coach

"Lois returned to our office by popular demand for another edu-taining presentation. The session encouraged us to make a commitment to move to action about the one activity we would like to complete, but have not. For me it was completing my final assignment for my MS degree. I made a committment acted on it, and less than a month later I graduated. Lois is a dynamic speaker and coach that knows how to move you to action and make the process simple, fun and productive. Thank you, Lois! "

-Joseph Yagar MSFS BCE RIS, Financial Consultant, NL Financial Alliance (NLFA)

"We recently had the pleasure of working with Lois on a seminar for our community called "From Procrastination to Productivity." The topic resonated with so many individuals that we had a packed house! Lois was incredibly inspirational and encouraged frequent audience participation. Her humor and energy made the presentation enjoyable and educational for everyone involved. We had an overwhelmingly positive response from our participants! Thank you so much for such an engaging and inspiring presentation!"

-Wende Jager-Hyman, Executive Director, The Woodhull Institute

Testimonial from Participants

"I learned that it does not take more than a matter of minutes to slow down and become more productive. I walked away energized."

-Sharon Lewis, Director of Marketing, Hubbard Systems

"The night of your keynote, I had a stressful week debating about a big decision.  After your seminar I felt so inspired to make a decision and stick to it and not look back.  Your 5 Power Principles are inspiring and extremely helpful and I am totally using them in my day-to-day life now."

-WG, Copywriter

"I really enjoyed your presentation. I walked in feeling exhausted and a little grumpy and walked out feeling like I had an action plan."

-Christy Ezelle, Sr. Account Executive, CBS

"I recently attended one of Lois' keynote that was entitled "Work/Life Balance, Managing Your Priorities, Not Your Time". As any single, full time working mother knows (or really anyone, in this day and time), priority management is a big deal. The hour was not long enough. The workshop was fun and energetic...I learned that it truly does not take more than a matter of minutes to slow down, refocus and ultimately become more productive from this exercise in meditation.I walked away re-energized...with a greater sense of self and focus."

-Sharon Lewis, Director of Marketing, Hubbard Systems

"I attended one of Lois' keynotes, "Shake Up Your Life" early this year. It shook me up! In a good way! Lois made it fun and exciting to share my experiences with the group and helped me gain valuable insight on next steps in my career and life. I left with an action plan that moved me to start a Masters program and a major de-clutter of my house. Hooray for Lois!"

-Greg Brooks, Project Manager

"As someone who is a bit skeptical and always wants to know the reasons "why" something works, Lois didn't disappoint. Watching and hearing Lois speak is like getting re-educated on how to live with more joy and less guilt. Knowing the science behind so much of what we do and how we act--it's not just" emotions"--really takes away the guilt of not feeling in control. The best part is I know how to feel more focused  and calm, by doing something fun and without guilt all by honoring my humanity."

-Margaret Prusan, President, Illumin LLC

Company Coaching Team and Department Testimonials

"I started working with Lois because I wanted to increase my confidence, manage my stress, become a better manager to my staff and establish a better overall work/life balance.  After only a few sessions, I already started to experience growth.  Not only am I a better manager, but I have more confidence in the decisions I make. 

Overall, my company is working better together as a whole and my employees are happier and more motivated.  Lois works with all of my employees one-on-one and not only are they appreciative that I care about their personal growth, but I've seen amazing progress in a relatively short amount of time.  I wanted to take myself and my company to the next level and Lois has given us all the tools to do it. Our revenue is up 294% from a year ago. I think that number speaks for itself."

-Maureen Lowe, President and Founder, FTF

Life Coach and Industry Expert 

"SELF magazine tapped Lois Barth as the featured life coach for the annual, highly successful SELF Challenge program, which appears both in-book and online. We were looking to enhance the focus on the motivational aspect of getting fit and eating healthfully. Lois had an intuitive grasp of how women integrate their external/physical goals with their emotional, mental and spiritual ones. She deftly identified that middle step between deciding to make a change and actually implementing one-the hard step, where one figures out why (a crucial step often skipped) and how. SELF readers and web users welcomed the acknowledgment that a happy, healthy life starts on the inside, and they responded to Lois's real-world approach to fulfilling goals. I highly recommend her as an expert, speaker or consultant."

-Lauren Purcell, Executive Editor, SELF Magazine

"As a senior-level editor at SELF, and more recently at WEIGHT WATCHERS Magazine, I've called upon Lois over the years to supply expert advice on a wide range of health- and happiness-related topics. She's a reputable source whose opinion I value highly, and I will no doubt rely on her expertise for future articles."

-Michele Shapiro, senior editor, WEIGHT WATCHERS Magazine

"Lois is everything a coach is supposed to be: insightful, funny, vulnerable and smart."

-Peggy Klaus, Fortune 500 Leadership and Communication Consultant,
Author of "The Hard Facts about Soft Skills"

Coaching Career Transition

"When I came to Lois, my original goal was to set up my a side business so that I could free up my time and leave NY to travel and explore. What I came away with was a life of adventure. With her help I pin-pointed the things that didn't work in my life, started the business and discovered what I did/did not want to do in that area. But probably most importantly I saw my disempowering views and positions (not least of which was my relationship at the time). That helped me shift into an entirely new space, and as a result I overcame fears that enabled me to travel extensively and work 100% remotely. Lois' program, which was custom tailored for me, works. I highly recommend her."

-Kat Tepelyan, website designer and strategist

Business Coaching

Lois was able to help me in 3 key areas during my career.

1. Strategically crafting the VISION and GOALS for my department
2. Helping me to AUTHENTICALLY communicate effectively in the corporate workplace.
3. Powerfully setting me up for INTERVIEWING/Client meetings I highly recommend her for any professional."

-Judith Peterson, Marketing Director

"Lois is inspiring personally and professionally. She served as my coach for a year and I was always amazed at her insights and the way she connected the dots to further my goals. She has well-tuned instincts that guide her along with professional skills. I highly recommend her as a coach for personal and professional issues."

-Nancy Nielsen, Corporate Responsibility Executive

Academic Coaching

"During college it was hard enough having to figure out how to organize my assignments and social responsibilities let alone process everything that was going on in this transition to an independent life.

Working with Lois gave me confidence that I have power over the life I want to create for myself. She gave me the tools to create a balanced lifestyle and introduced the concept of self-care. Through our work, my relationship with myself transformed. I learned to be gentle with myself and listen to my needs instead of trying to control my life through rigid thoughts and self-imposed rules. She taught me how to accept and work with resistance and ultimately helped me empower myself with tools that I still use to this day."

- Falcon Griffith, photographer/retoucher, model and on-line business owner

"I have consulted with Lois and found her input invaluable.  Her warmth and openness invited me to confide in her. I was impressed with her ability to cut to the core questions I needed to consider and the wisdom of her advice. The first time I needed her help, I was deciding on a career direction.  In the course of several phone conversations and one meeting in person, Lois helped me to focus on what was most important to me and to come to a decision I have been happy with for years. 

The second time, she helped me edit application essays for doctoral programs.  She brought the critical eye of a great editor and an appreciation of emotional context to the task.  The essays resulted in an interview that led to my acceptance into a fully funded program.  I really think that her advice and guidance made the essay and the interview more focused, intelligent, and successful.   I am so glad that I had Lois in my corner at these important launching points in my career."

-Emily Sharp, Reading Specialist
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