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“Learn How to Move from Stress to Success!”
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"SELF magazine tapped Lois Barth as the featured life coach for the annual, highly successful SELF Challenge program.
I highly recommend her as an expert, speaker or consultant."

-Lauren Purcell
Executive Editor
SELF Magazine
"I started working with Lois because I wanted to increase my confidence, manage my stress, become a better manager to my staff and establish a better overall work/life balance.  After only a few sessions, not only am I a better manager, but I have more confidence in the decisions I make.

-Maureen Lowe
President and Founder, FTF
Lois Barth explaining the importance of Corporate Stress Management
By providing the 3 P's; powerful, practical solutions, your participants will come away with the 3P's; productivity, purpose and passion.  She is committed to your group getting maximum benefits from her expertise, and will help you clarify the desired outcomes, and goals that you have for your team and how her programs can support you in fulfilling those goals.

So turn your Stress into Success, by bringing Stress Management Training programs by Lois to your organization.
When one is stressed, both their body AND their mind are tense and contracted. By integrating core principles, you'll not only be supporting your team's physical rejuvenation, but their mental and emotional rejuvenation as well.

While motion may be essential, you want to make sure your groups and organizations are in forward motion, rather than just spinning their wheels, or as Lois puts it, the Tension Two-Step, Frantic/Fried, Frantic/Fried. Lois works with groups, teams and organizations to provide substantive tools that will allow them to clarify their priorities, focus their energy and come away with greater enthusiasm and follow-through. Isn't that what you want for your team?
Corporate Stress Management is a must for your company or organization. Study after study shows that people make more costly and time-consuming mistakes when under pressure and over -burdened. When people are in a laugh and learn environment, they will come away with greater enthusiasm which translates into increased productivity and profits! They will laugh at their foibles, learn to focus their energy and acquaint themselves with their wiring.

Over and over we see the connection between our thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and most importantly, outcomes! Lois edu-tains groups on the various forms of stress promoting self-talk and how it impacts their attitudes and actions, while providing easy to apply solutions that bring about greater productivity and purpose. When one is more engaged in their life, they are better team players and they are better communicators not only with their colleagues but with their clients as well.

Having been a health care practitioner as well as coach, speaker and comedienne, Lois understands what fosters change and what inhibits it. A stretched employee is a stressed employee.

Bring a Stress Management Training Program or Stress Management Speaker to your organization and see your staff reap the following benefits:

  • Greater productivity
  • Greater ability to overcome stress
  • Improved communication
  • Greater ability to prioritize and focus
  • Greater team morale
  • Decrease burnout and sick leave

Lois' Stress Maganagement program will support your groups, teams and organizations in outwitting their obstacles, living lusciously and thriving professionally.

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Corporate Stress Management

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The new status symbol is no longer the kind of car that one drives, but rather the amount of stress one is driven by!  Most people are on overdrive. It may take the form of compulsive
mutli-tasking, struggling with either information overload, financial or health concerns, or perhaps battling with a revolving things to do list.

Perhaps the members of your team, staff or company are struggling with major transitions in their personal and professional life. Even for the pedestrian garden variety burn-out, Stress Management Training is more valuable than ever.
As a Stress Management Speaker, Lois Barth, brings 20+ years experience as a coach, presenter, health care practitioner and comedienne to her Stress Management Training programs.
She edu-tains her clients and groups with substantive content as well as easy-to-apply exercises that will move people from stress to success.

Lois uses humor, energy and science, to help groups outwit their obstacles, live lusciously, thrive professionally and have fun doing it! As the life coach for SELF and FITNESS two of the most prestigious and long-running women's magazine makeover campaigns, she both understands and SHARES her expertise on what supports growth and change and, in contrast, forces which  undermine it.

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