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“Powerful, Practical, and Playful Solutions."
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"We had an overwhelmingly positive response from our participants! Thank you so much for such an engaging and inspiring seminar presentation!"

-Wende Jager-Hyman Executive Director
The Woodhull Institute

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Lois Barth speaking at a seminar
Those scrappy self-sabotaging thoughts that illegally sublet your gray matter.
Lois made it fun and exciting to share my experiences with the group and helped me gain valuable insight on next steps in my career and life.

I left with an action plan that moved me to start a Masters program and a major de-clutter of my house. Hooray for Lois!"

-Greg Brooks
Project Manager
Whether you are looking for a Seminar Speaker or a Motivational Seminar Speaker, before deciding which program is right for you, it's best to speak to Lois directly. She will collaborate with you to identify your needs and goals for your event and customize her programming to meet those needs for your participants. 

Popular Seminar Topics

Transition…It's Not a Pretty Sight: Navigating Change In Challenging Times

Whether your company is being restructured or going through major changes, or one's former jet-setting lifestyle is being reduced to a moped budget, or your empty nest is causing you to re-evaluate, transition can be really challenging.

In "Transition..It's Not a Pretty Sight," a highly interactive and creative seminar, we look at how profoundly the human condition parallels the butterfly's rich metamorphosis. Lois edu-tains the group by bringing substantive content, easy to follow exercises, and important principles. She explores each of the eight designated stages the caterpillar goes through to become its best bold butterfly self. Participants will learn how to:

  • Have greater clarify and focus on one's priorities
  • Experience change from a place of enthusiasm and new opportunities
  • More skillfully navigate the inherent challenges of change
  • Move forward with greater ease and self-care
  • Understand the mind-body connection and how that impacts the ability to change

Bloated at the Banquet of Life: Savvy Solutions for Moving from Stress to Success

As a culture, we have become over-stimulated, often distracted, and busying ourselves out of our lives. As a result, many people have felt an increase in stress and a decrease in productivity. All of which leads to a host of challenges from burnout, stress-related health issues, and overwhelming situations.

Participants will come away with the tools of the Five Power Principles that will help them gain clarity, focus and the ability to shifting their perspective, and come away with a very specific action plan. Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • How to stay focused in a frenzied environment
  • Moving from Busy-Ness to Business
  • How to let go of distractions and the "drainers" that keep us stressed
  • Practical, easy-to-apply self-care techniques that leave you energized

From Procrastination to Productivity: Five Power Principles to Get You Moving

In "Procrastination to Productivity," we learn to see procrastination from the perspective of science, and how we're hard wired to procrastinate, and specific actions one can take to go under the radar of our stress meter. Practical techniques are offered that will allow participants to move from frantic and fried to follow-through focus and fun!

Rather than "doing the same thing and expecting a different result" (Sigmund Freud's definition of insanity!) they come away with practical and powerful strategies, to move from procrastination to productivity.  This program is ideal for organizations in transition, as well as entrepreneurs and working moms. Participants will learn:

  • How we're wired to procrastinate and what one can do about it.
  • The connection between perfectionism and procrastination
  • How to work in alignment with your natural wiring rather than against it.
  • How "procrastination" can be a gift
  • To stop beating yourself up and start focusing
  • How to stay engaged, establish a plan of action and create a power team
As a Seminar Speaker, Lois' laugh and learn style uses humor, energy, and science assists groups to outwit their obstacles, live lusciously, and thrive professionally. Rather than surviving strategies, she provides thriving strategies, which as a speaker for a seminar, provides for your group specific tools and principles they can use.

Lois has seen that where there is laughter, there is learning, and that's why she muses that her work is "Trans-Fun-Mational." By integrating story-telling and universal metaphors with her thought-provoking Lois-isms, she engages audiences while enhancing learning and retention. From there, she peppers in effective easy-to-follow exercises that participants can immediately apply directly into their lives and make tangible and sustainable changes. As a result of this winning combination, her audience leaves enthusiastic, energized and empowered.

Lois is committed to her groups getting the most value. Her work serves as a bridge between insights and implementation, and she collaborates extensively with event organizers to clarify the key "takeaways" for participants.
Whether she's being brought on to do Motivational Seminar Speaking, or any other type of seminar speaking, Lois is committed to not only edu-taining your participants, by providing substantive content, a compelling message as well as fun and effective exercises.

Seminar Speakers are a wonderful addendum to the main program as well as framing the messaging of the entire event. Lois' presentations provide the 3 P's; practical powerful and playful solutions that can be applied to one's personal as well as professional life. That's why Lois' presentations are a great fit to do Business Seminar Speaking as well.

In addition to her work as a speaker and a trainer, she was the life coach for two of the longest running and most prestigious makeover campaigns in women's magazines; SELF and FITNESS, and has been a source expert for major national magazines.

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