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“People Learn Best in an Environment that is Upbeat and Fun."
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"It's been a while since we've had a morning motivation get-up-on-your-feet type of speaker and it was a hit, and set the tone for the rest of the conference"

-Emily Synk
Society of Women Engineers

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"Lois Barth is an amazing speaker, coach, and storyteller. She is a wise woman and an insightful one. You never walk away from one of her presentations the same person you were when you went in."

-Victoria Moran,
Author, Speaker,
and Life Coach
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Thank you for your interest in bringing Lois Barth, motivational speaker and trainer to work with your organization or company.

Lois Barth, motivational speaker and trainer, uses humor, energy and science to support individuals and groups to outwit their obstacles, live lusciously and thrive professionally. She brings her 20+ years experience as a coach, speaker, health care practitioner, storyteller and comedienne to her work. In her experience, she has seen that people learn best in an environment that is upbeat, creative and fun.

That's why she combines storytelling, metaphor, movement and highly effective easy-to-follow exercises and easy to absorb Lois-isms, her thought-provoking word play, into all of her presentations. Lois' programs can be adapted into several different forms to support your needs at your next event.
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Lois has created several longer training programs for specific demographics (U.S. Navy and a women's health center, to name a few) that serves as a catalyst for sustainable changes in an organization, company or with a group. She takes great joy and passion in being a thought leader and change agent for groups and individuals to experience a greater sense of fulfillment both personally as well as professionally.

Professional Speakers have a myriad of different services that they offer given  both their skill sets, passion and expertise. Lois uses humor, energy and science as foundational aspects of all her programs.

Why Humor?

Humor shifts perspective. When one shifts their perspective, anything and everything is possible.
It opens the door to think, feel, behave and act in accordance with greater awareness, openness and positive impact. Plus, who doesn't love to laugh? Where there's laughter, there is learning.

Why Energy?

Smarts, talent and intelligence are very important, but without energy, there is diminished ability to move forward and bring these gifts to fruition. By exploring what harnesses versus hinders one's energy, and actually have them access that understanding on an experiential level, allows that shift to occur.

Why Science?

Ever try to use a complicated machine, without reading the Owner's Manual? Good luck! As human beings we are so complex and multi-faceted with conflicting agendas, limiting beliefs, and unlimited potential, a little Science 101 to understand one's wiring can really come in handy.

By learning the basics of our wiring from a vantage point of brain science, psychology of mental mastery, and gender in a playful yet powerful way, one comes away with greater insight, fresh perspective and a new awareness.

Depending on the event, whether you are looking for a Meeting Speaker, or an Event Speaker, seminars are wonderful opportunities to drive content rich programming to your audience.

Whether it's going deeper into a specific area, i.e. productivity, stress management, empowerment, or navigating change, or providing a more broad stroke understanding, Lois works very closely with the event organizer to crystallize the goals of your company or organization with her seminar speaking.
Due to Lois' background as a coach as well as a speaker, her presentations are a perfect fit for workshops. The ability as a workshop speaker to have more of a one-on-one contact with a smaller group and go into greater detail and depth with many of the thought-provoking principles that Lois' work evokes, will affect change and can be a great addition to your program.

As both a public speaker as well as a national speaker, as well as a passionate enthusiast of human development, she welcomes the opportunity to really get to know the specific attendees, while introducing them or creating a revved up reminder of tools and principles that will remain with them long after the program ends.

Knowing that people learn in an experiential way, her speaking workshops are highly interactive and create opportunities for people to socialize, create rapport, be in dialogue and network. A very important goal for everything from creating a team and keeping your participants coming back, year after year!
As you know, keynotes are a pivotal aspect of an event, that needs a certain energy and spirit, plus substantive content to set the tone for your event. As a professional Keynote Speaker, her keynote presentations have a high energy that gets people moving, thinking and feeling, making them a great kick off or ending to your event.
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