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"From Procrastination to Productivity" was fun, energetic, and she gave extremely practical guidelines to help our seminar participants confront their procrastination and move forward."

-Becca Marcus
Program Director
The Woodhull Institute
  Lois Barth, Motivational Speaker NYC
“The Morning Coffee without the Caffeine Crash.”
"Ms. Barth's exuberant presence transformed a tired pre-caffeinated crowd into an enthusiastic one. Her ability to educate and inspire people comfortable to take risks and grow."

-Horace Batson, PHD, EVP, Corporate Development at MHSP
NYC Motivational Speaker Lois Barth

Lois Barth, NYC Seminar Speaker, provides a compelling message along with "edu-taining" exercises designed to frame and enhance your event or program. A former life coach for both "SELF" and "Fitness" magazines, Lois Barth brings her "Three P's" to each of her seminar speeches in NYC.

Lois inspires her audiences to:

  • Understand the connection between the mind and body and the impact of them on change
  • Learn how to stay focused in times of frenzy, stress and upheaval
  • How to stop start and stay focused

If your business needs vitality and inspiration, contact Lois Barth today at (646) 342-5911 or visit her Contact Lois page to see how her services as NYC's première professional, motivational, keynote, business workshop and seminar speaker can inspire and motivate you and your team.

Are your employees bogged down by stress, fear and anxiety? Hosting NYC Workshop Speaker Lois Barth may be the fresh air needed in your business. For over 20 years, Lois has been helping business owners, large and small, motivate their employees. Combining her special brand of humor, psychology and business acumen, Lois conducts workshops on topics such as:

  • Solutions for moving from stress to success
  • The five power principles
  • How to move from procrastination to productivity
  • Overcoming pre-traumatic stress syndrome

Lois Barth is known for creating power teams and inspiring change. She has the ability to connect with people on different levels. From the stressed power executive to the financially struggling, Lois understand and relates.

Lois inspires others to embrace change and see it as an opportunity for moving forward and forging new relationships.

With the economy shifting the way it has the past few years, Lois Barth is aware that each NYC business is undergoing change and transition. Lois realizes many businesses in NYC are struggling to keep their heads above water and keep their employees happy and motivated. As a NYC business speaker, Lois knows better than anyone else that a business based in fear and uncertainty is a failing business.

Lois knows times today are challenging. She works to help your business navigate the change needed in today's challenging times. Lois wipes away the fear and uncertainty and uses humor, energy and universal metaphors to bring the life and vitality back to your business. Lois has the uncanny ability to reach out to all audience members and reignite their passion and focus. While any business speaker in NYC can stand in front of an audience and talk, only Lois leaves them all wanting and working to attain more than they thought possible.

Lois Barth realizes that as a NYC Keynote Speaker, she has the responsibility to ignite her audience and play to their passions. Lois' goals as a keynote speaker in NYC are to:

  • Educate people
  • Touch the emotions
  • Challenge one to move from burn out to bubbling over with energy and ideas

Lois brings diversity to her keynote speeches.  Lois can always be counted on to use her wit, humor and her own brand of magic to her audience. Her combination of "Lois-isms," metaphors, stories and humorous insights into the human psyche leave her audiences energized and enthusiastic.

Lois, in her capacity as a keynote speaker in NYC, constructs strategic exercises her audience can learn from and implement. Lois has the ability to reduce stress in lives, while simultaneously improving productivity.

Lois Barth has extensive knowledge in several areas of keynote speaking, including:

  • Motivational Keynote Speaking
  • Sales Keynote Speaking
  • Business Keynote Speaking
  • Convention Keynote Speaking
  • Conference Keynote Speaking

Lois has extensive experience as a NYC Motivational Speaker. Although Lois is a female motivational speaker in NYC, she has always been fascinated by the differences in gender assigned by both science and nature as well as environment. Lois is one of the few NYC motivational speakers that relates as well to men as she does to women.

Lois believes employees learn more in an "edu-taining" environment. From using her own brand of "Lois-isms" to getting the crowd on its feet, Lois uses all the tools in her arsenal to teach people in a fun, invigorating environment. Employees leave Lois excited about their jobs and careers.

Lois teaches others how to organize their regular schedule of "Frantic and Fried," into a three-step process of:

  • Focus
  • Follow-Through
  • Fun

Lois' motivational speeches inspire others to not only improve their business lives and careers, but to improve their personal lives.

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Through her years as a coach and professional speaker, Lois has concluded people learn best in a fun, exciting, upbeat environment. Lois has worked with many well-known clients, including:

  • The New York Times
  • Weight Watchers
  • Curves
  • New Line Cinema
  • SELF Magazine
  • Girl Scouts
  • and many more

People attending a Lois Barth seminar or workshop state they leave with a fresh perspective and sustainable tools. Victoria Moran, life coach and motivational speaker, had this to say about Lois and her workshops, "You are never the same person when you leave one of her presentations. Lois has amazing insight into the human mind and personality."

Lois prides herself on her creative, high-energy presentations. Lois has the necessary skills to motivate large crowds, as well as working exceptionally well in a one-on-one environment. Even in the largest of crowds, Lois is famous for getting to know the people she is working with.
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Lois Barth, NYC professional speaker and trainer, has over 20 years experience as a comedienne, speaker, coach, teller of stories and health care practitioner. Lois combines and utilizes her skills to provide support, motivation and inspiration to businesses, workshops and conventions. Only Lois is able to blend humor, science and energy into a unique combination guaranteed to uplift even the most weary and cynical. If your company or business is searching for a professional speaker in NYC, Lois Barth is the logical choice.

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