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  Lois Barth, Motivational Speaker
“The Morning Coffee without the Caffeine Crash.”
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As a business motivational speaker, her presentations and programs help to edu-tain offering a revved up reminder, on how they can best meet their bottom lines while having fun doing it. As a result, better business strategies, more connected client relationships, and overall team morale.

As a business motivational speaker, she provides a laugh and learn, environment. She shows participants how to recognize their own faux pas, providing specific tools on addressing and overcoming them.

Lois is a life long learner with a passionate enthusiasm for maximizing human potential. She constantly researches brain science and behavior looking for ways to integrate these findings in her work, in a fun and innovative way.

Lois is a top motivational speaker who is committed to having your group receive optimal training results. She works with event organizers to clarify their goals, and desired outcomes, so she can craft a customized presentation that will meet both the needs of her clients and their groups.
"Lois Barth is a fantastic motivational speaker who has an enormous passion for helping people overcome their obstacles and thrive professionally.

Her presentation "From Procrastination to Productivity" was fun, energetic, and she gave extremely practical guidelines to help our seminar participants confront their procrastination and move forward.

Her energy, humor, and creativity really sets her apart from other speakers. She literally had the room screaming "Woo-hoo!" Thanks Lois!"

-Becca Marcus,
Program Director,
The Woodhull Institute
Why Humor?

Humor allows people to shift their perspective. As a result they lighten up, reduce tension, and most significantly, look at challenges from a fresh perspective. This laugh and learn environment promotes greater communication with your team, and also enhances both productivity and creativity.

Humor also brings compassion. Being able to laugh at one's self and human beings in general, generates greater clarity and connection. The mixture of humor and compassion enhances overall thinking skills, including forward thinking behavior. As a funny motivational speaker, she provides a laugh and learn, environment by delivering compelling messages in a fun and creative way.
Why Energy?

One can have all the smarts in the world, but if there is no energy or focus to move your goals and agenda forward, then really, what is your team accomplishing? By edu-taining people, in an experiential manner on the key elements of what hinders versus harnesses their energy, they are able to move towards their goals and visions.

Most people are on automatic pilot doing what Lois calls the "Tension Two Step," Frantic/Fried, Frantic/Fried.  When you succeed in engaging people's innate energy, they come away with the three F's: Focus, Follow-Through and Fun.
Why Science?

By using motivation and edu-taining people on a basic scientific level, Lois provides an owner's manual so that participants can honor their own innate wiring and work with their own blue print. As a result, attendees are able to learn how to deal with their own DNA for dizzying distractions, as well as answers to the challenges and dilemmas that stop people from reaching their potential.

Conversely, different techniques are offered to edu-tain participants on identifying their winning formula for fulfilling their goals and dreams. What will be the motivational benefits for your group?

  • Greater enthusiasm
  • Stronger communication skills (non-verbal as well as verbal)
  • Overcoming self-sabotaging stress promoting self-talk while building confidence and direction
  • Understanding the impact they have on others
  • Gender differences and how they effects relationships
  • Principles and tools of decreasing stress and increasing productivity
  • Moving from reactive to proactive goal setting
  • Stronger communication skills with clients
  • Principles and tools which enable participants to shift to more productive thinking and action
As a female motivational speaker, Lois is fascinated by gender differences. She has researched the physiological, social and anthropological differences between men and women. As a result, this gives her the background to provide an edu-taining perspective on how these differences impact both professional and personal relationships. 

Lois has a long and proven relationship with numerous well-known women's organizations including, but not limited to:

  • Advertising Women of New York AWNY
  • All You Magazine
  • Ann Taylor
  • Curves
  • Dance New England
  • Fitness Magazine
  • Network for Professional Women
  • Savvy Ladies Financial Services
  • SELF Magazine
  • Society of Women Engineers
  • The Girl Scouts of America

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"Ms. Barth's exuberant presence transformed a tired pre-caffeinated crowd into an enthusiastic one. Her ability to educate and inspire people comfortable to take risks and grow."

-Horace Batson, PHD, EVP, Corporate Development at MHSP
Motivational Speakers have a very interesting challenge these days. In times of phenomenal changes, cut backs, overwhelm and stress, motivation speakers must not only provide hope and inspiration, but create a "call to action." Your groups need to come away ready to make a shift.

A feel good experience where nothing much changes just won't do the job, and that's why Lois Barth is a great choice as your next motivational speaker! Coming from 20 plus years experience as a coach, speaker, health care practitioner and comedienne, she is a life long learner and passionate student of human potential.
Having been the life coach for two of the most prestigious campaigns in women's magazines; SELF and FITNESS, she understands the key elements that support positive shifts as well as the forces which undermine them. As an inspirational speaker, she shares her expertise on how to make a positive shift in your organization.

Her innovative approach integrates humor, energy and science to support groups and individuals in "outwitting their obstacles," living lusciously and thriving professionally.

As a motivational speaker, Lois accomplishes this by sharing her funny and heartfelt stories that are rich in "luscious life lessons," as well as powerful universal metaphors. Her thought provoking "Lois-isms" enhance both learning and laughter.

What makes her a top professional speaker is her commitment to providing a bridge between insights and implementation by peppering in fun, interactive and effective exercises. As a result participants will sustain these positive shift in their lives, long after the program ends! These shifts that Lois' work provide makes her an inspirational speaker as well.
Lois Barth Motivational Speaker
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