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“Transition Brings both Challenges and Opportunities.”
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I am happy to share some of my favorite links for interviews and videos for you to see and listen to my presentations in many forums. Please watch my videos, listen to my interviews, and sample my writings for numerous reputable firms from across the country.
-Lois Barth
"Lois's enthusiasm and dedication to her work is is infectious and inspiring!"

-Suzanne Falletti
Metropolition Opera, NYC
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Lois Barth - Stand Up NY
See Lois doing one of her stand up comedy routines at the popular New York City comedy club: Stand Up NY.  Today, humor is a hallmark of Lois' professional speaking style, combining it with high energy and science, which lead to her "edu-taining" approach to event speaking.
Lois video from Brooklyn College offering Career Coaching and interview tips to students. 6/27/2013.
Lois Barth on Connecticut 8: Stress Less Laugh More
Lois Barth on Connecticut 8: Avoiding the Diva Doormat Syndrome

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The Courage to Sparkle
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