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“Moving from What's Wrong? to What's Next?”
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"I could literally write a book about what I have accomplished since working with Lois."

-Darcie Purcell
Branding Specialist
for Mario Batali

Lois is also a licensed relationship coach successful with both singles and couples. Many of her clients have transitioned from old stuck relationship patterns to healthy, luscious life partnerships. A life long learner, passionately enthusiastic about human potential, Lois marshalls her experience and expertise to provide her clients with the following results:

  • Creating empowering mindsets and healthy habits around  both dating as well as   non romantic relationships.
  • Understand and appreciate gender differences
  • Support clients in getting unstuck from dysfunctional relationship patterns into long term fulfilling partnerships
  • Greater skill in connecting with life partners
  • Greater intimacy and fun in relationships
  • Understanding the brain science which support healthy relationships
  • Assess levels of relationship readiness (Are you Ready or Ready -to- be -Ready?)

Committed to providing the best value for her clients, she provides a comprehensive questionnaire that clarifies the most productive path to optimal results. Whether you're looking to achieve personal goals, or looking for business life coaching, feel free to Contact Lois. As a NY Life Coach, she works with clients in her convenient east side, midtown location, as well as by phone.

Lois works with clients all over the United States and Europe.
"SELF magazine tapped Lois Barth as the featured life coach for the annual, highly successful SELF Challenge program, which appears both in-book and online.

Lois had an intuitive grasp of how women integrate their external and physical goals with their emotional, mental and spiritual ones.

I highly recommend her as an expert, speaker or consultant."

-Lauren Purcell
Executive Editor
SELF Magazine

"Lois is everything a coach is supposed to be: insightful, funny, vulnerable and smart."

-Peggy Klaus
Fortune 500
Communication Consultant

Life Coach

Business Life Coach

Relationship Coaching

What separates Lois Barth, NY Life Coach, is that she brings over twenty years experience as a coach, speaker, health care practitioner and comedienne to her work. She really understands the key elements that either support or undermines people in their efforts to reinvent themselves both personally and professionally. And they have fun doing it!

She is a life long learner, passionately enthusiastic about human development. In addition to her multiple certifications and training as a coach, Lois integrates her research on: gender, communication, psychology, learning styles, brain science, belief systems, bodywork, humor and storytelling into her work.

Having been the life coach for two prestigious and long running makeover campaigns in women's magazines; SELF and FITNESS, she understands the key elements necessary to create major shifts. "Trans-Fun-Mation," as Lois puts it, can make the difference for people both personally and professionally.

  • Here is a sampling of the benefits Lois' clients have gotten working with her:
  • Greater self-esteem and self-care
  • Weight loss along with greater self-love and compassion
  • Accomplishing goals in a more productive and passionate way
  • Addressing procrastination
  • Greater confidence in communication and relationships
  • Overcoming life long negative belief systems which lead to self sabotage
  • Confidence to start new businesses
  • Greater abundance financially as well as in other aspects of life
  • Ability to clarify and honor priorities
  • Prioritize one's life around personal Values, Interests and Purpose (VIP treatment!)
  • Effectively deal with anxiety in both personal and professional arenas
  • Admission into academic programs at all levels including fellowship awards
Lois has seen that the line between the personal and the professional is invisible. What shows up in one's personal life has a direct impact on one's professional life. So as a business life coach, Lois has her clients look at their life as a whole. She works with clients to help clarify how their business or professional goals will support their overall life vision. She has worked with hundreds of clients over the years and in a collaborative environment, has supported them in achieving the following results:

  • Create new and successful businesses
  • Support successful businesses to getting to the next level
  • Navigate career transition through identification of individual skill sets and strategies
  • Identify target audiences and collaborate on marketing materials that speak to them
  • Interview skills
  • Communication skill building for more success in negotiating, presentation and sales
  • Dealing with difficult people in and out of the work place
  • Moving out of procrastination and into productivity
  • Overcoming negative and self-defeating thoughts, behavior and actions
  • Brainstorming creative ideas and language use for both content and marketing

Life Coaching

Coaching Programs

Is Life Coaching similar to therapy?

This is the most common question that comes up around life coaching, since it is still a relatively new profession. To clarify the difference between what a life coach does versus a therapist, let's use the analogy of a garden. If you look at your life as a garden and you want to make some changes in your garden, more likely than not, when you go into therapy, the focus will be on the "rocks, worms and the weeds."

What's stopping you? What's getting in your way? What are the obstacles you need to overcome? All great questions to ask! However, knowing why we do what we do, and what stops us, is a great start, but alone, rarely, leads to transformation.
Conversely, when you work with a life coach, rather than the "rocks, worms, or weeds," the focus is on the "flowers, plants and trees." What flowers most inspire and delight you? Where will the trees go? What key actions (water, soil, nutrients, etc.) ensure that your garden continues to flourish? Will there be challenges along the way?

Will you come up against some stubborn weeds (i.e. limiting outdated belief systems, fear, etc.), of course you will. That's a given. But, the focus of the work will always be vision based, which  translates into focusing on what you want to create and how to stay on track.

What a life coach does is help to support you in clarifying what those "flowers, plants and trees" look like and make sure that they are aligned with what holds the deepest meaning and greatest priority for you. Life coaches also serve as partners assisting you to stay on track.
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