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Lois' Signature Keynote:
"Courage to SPARKLE: Creating a Life that Lights You Up"
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"Bravo! Every one of our 350+ attendees left the room energized-overflowing with ideas they can use at work and in their personal lives"

-Aliana Apodaca President Positive Directions
A Training Company
"It's been a while since we've had a morning motivation get-up-on-your-feet type of speaker and it was a hit, and set the tone for the rest of the conference."

-Emily Synk
Society of Women Engineers
Conference Keynote Speaker Lois Barth

Keynote Speaker

Motivational Keynote Speaker

A good motivational keynote speaker connects people to the 3 P's; Power, Passion and Purpose. A great motivational speaker adds a 4th P; Playfulness! Enter Lois Barth.

With over 20 years as a speaker, coach, health care practitioner, actress and comedienne, Lois has discovered that it's not just the way one thinks, but how they feel, that ultimately determines their ability to accomplish their personal and professional goals. When you shift people's perspective emotionally as well as mentally (with humor) and give them easy to apply tools to continue that process following the program, that's when tangible sustainable and remarkable results occur!

That's why Lois, as an edu-tainer uses humor, energy and science (the foundation of all her programs) to support groups and individuals in outwitting their obstacles, living lusciously and thriving professionally.

And have fun doing it!

Humor helps participants shift perspective. Where there is laughter, there is learning! With all the stress and uncertainty these days, most people are engaged in what Lois calls the "Tension Two-Step," Frantic/Fried, Frantic/Fried. By edu-taining groups in an experiential manner, they identify what harnesses and, in contrast, what hinders their energy. People come away able to create greater focus, follow through and fun!  With a deep understanding of the science behind the hard-wiring of their brains, Lois shares a fun and interactive Scientific "Owner's Manual". Audiences learn how to work with, not against, their human blueprint.

The combination of all three areas; humor, energy and science allows for Trans-Fun-Mation to occur so that "Shift Happens." And ultimately, isn't that what you want for your group? The ability to shift to more productive and sustainable attitudes, behaviors and actions, which then stays with them long after the program!

Business Keynote Speaker

Why not bring Powerful Practical and Playful Solutions for your team?  What's next for you in your business, and how would you like to align your team, department or staff with your goals?

  • Reviving their "Mojo" for enhanced enthusiasm energy and empowerment.
  • Shift your team from "frantic and fried" to "focus and follow-through."
  • Boost confidence and morale
  • Enhance communication
  • Navigate change through challenging times

When Lois is brought on board as a business keynote speaker, she first learns your objective for your event, then integrates your goals with her interactive programming to solidify and edu-tain the participants, These programs are also a great way to jumpstart a successful networking event that will create rapport and open up new opportunties. Lois' unique mix of thought provoking content and stories, universal metaphors may be just the perfect mix for your event.

Conference Keynote Speaker

Professional Keynote Speaker
As a conference keynote speaker, Lois'  laugh and learn style using humor, energy, and science to helps people outwit their obstacles, live lusciously, and thrive professionally. This makes Lois a perfect fit for your event. In fact, one event organizer said it best when he wrote, "It's been a long time since we've had one of those up on your feet speakers…everyone was so enthusiastic, it set the tone for the rest of the conference."

Lois is committed to not only edu-taining your participants, but providing substantive content, a compelling message as well as fun and effective exercises. In this way, Lois not only supports participants in creating rapport, a very important element of a successful conference, but also helps to solidify their takeaway.

Instead of the same ol' same ol' speaker and style with people cemented in their chairs for the whole program, passively listening, why not bring a speaker who gets participants up on their feet interacting, thinking, moving, laughing and best of all learning! After all, isn't that what keeps them coming back year after year?

Convention Keynote Speaker

Whatever the topic or area of interest is, a convention keynote speaker is the social glue that brings both the event and people together. Participants are not only there to learn more about the products and services, but to have fun meeting other like-minded enthusiasts in their areas of passion, interest or industry. 

Lois' laugh and learn style mixed with fun and thought-provoking ice breakers will liberate your presentations from the same ol' same ol' mode. Lois understands that role and will relate to your audience in a way that explosively kicks off your convention and get's it rolling into high gear..

Sales Keynote Speaker

When it comes to a sales keynote speaker, Lois knows that it's important not to reinvent the wheel but to put a playful spin on it.

Lois highlights the most ideal attitudes, behavior and best practices that make up a winning sales team in a fun and interactive way. She does this by sharing creative and thought-provoking stories and metaphors, that she calls the "Soul of Sales," program that edu-tain participants.

From there she peppers in easy to follow exercises that encourage learning and retention. Their take away is immediately applied to their lives. By getting a revved up reminder on the key elements that create mastery in the art and science of sales, attendees can use this motivation when interacting with clients and their teams.
Lois is a life long learner on human behavior, and passionate about bringing trans-fun-mation to all the groups and individuals with which she works. That's why Lois loves working with people and companies that are ready for "Shift to Happen," and want compelling content and messaging delivered in an upbeat creative and interactive manner.

Lois is also committed to having your participants get the most value out of her presentations. That's why she customizes her presentations to meet the specific needs of both her clients and participants. She has a comprehensive questionnaire to help event organizers and decision makers clarify their vision of success, desired outcomes, and insights into their group's culture. After speaking with you, she then customizes her presentation to engage attendees to learn, network, and maximize their time at your event. A great return on your investment!

In addition to her speaking and training work, Lois has been a life coach for two of the most prestigious,long running, women's magazines' makeover campaigns (SELF and FITNESS.) As a result she has a great grasp of the nature of change; what supports change and what undermines it. She shares her expertise on both. 

Serving as a bridge between insights and implementation, both groups and individuals come away with a shift in perspective and the tools to take ownership of both personal and professional success.

If you want to create incredible results for your attendees, company or organization, feel free to contact Lois. Tell her about your event, your goals for your group and find out  how her programs can support your group in creating incredible results.
"Pre-Traumatic Stress Syndrome"

Stressing yourself out ahead of time, for things that will never happen.

"Your workshop is still resonating with our members. It's contagious. You did so much in a short period of time."

-Susan Fine
Junior League
"As a senior-level editor at SELF, and more recently at WEIGHT WATCHERS Magazine, I've called upon Lois over the years to supply expert advice on a wide range of health and happiness related topics.

She's a reputable source whose opinion I value highly, and I will no doubt rely on her expertise for future articles."

-Michele Shapiro, Senior Editor, WEIGHT WATCHERS Magazine
Lois Barth, keynote speaker ignites audiences, getting people up on their feet interacting, thinking, laughing and best of all learning! Lois has found that shift can only happen when insight meets implementation. She creates a laugh and learn environment using humor, energy, and science. These are the foundational aspects of all her programs, so any participant can experience a shift in their perspective.

From there, she peppers in easy-to-follow exercises so that participants can know how to shift long after the program ends.  As a result, your group will learn to outwit their obstacles, live lusciously, thrive professionally, and have fun doing it!

Lois brings over 20 years experience as a speaker, coach, health care practitioner, actress, and comedienne. She has discovered that it's not just the way one thinks, but how one feels, that determines whether one accomplishes their personal and professional goals.

Trans-Fun-Mational speaker, Lois Barth edu-tains by integrating story-telling and universal metaphors with her witty Lois-isms to engage audiences while enhancing learning and retention. She peppers in effective easy-to-follow exercises. Participants can immediately apply the take away insights to their lives. As a result of this winning combination her audience  leaves enthusiastic, energized and empowered.

Lois is committed to her groups getting the most value. Her work serving as a bridge between insights and implementation, she collaborates extensively with event organizers to clarify the key "takeaways" for participants. From there she strategically structures content and exercises, so that participants can directly apply these principles and tools to their lives. Here is just a sampling of benefits that attendees have taken away from Lois' programs:

  • Moving from frantic-and-fried to focused with lots of follow-through
  • Enhanced communication (i.e. active listening, creating rapport, settting boundaries, and morale building)
  • Ability to prioritize and address dizzying distractions
  • Decrease in stress and increase in productivity
  • Enhanced creativity and brainstorming
  • Greater presentation skills (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Overcoming sabotaging self-talk and creating empowering beliefs
  • Greater understanding of gender differences
  • Greater skills in navigating change and uncertainty
  • Reframing change as an opportunity for reinvention
  • Greater confidence in building relationships and networking
  • Dealing with stress and overwhelm
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The Courage to Sparkle
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