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In additional to bringing in Celebrity Speakers or Event Speakers who share their interesting stories, why not bring a speaker who gets participants up on their feet interacting, thinking, moving, laughing and best of all learning! After all, isn't that what keeps them coming back year after year?

If you are looking to add guest speaking to your event, it's best to speak to Lois directly. Prior to the presentation, she will schedule a session (with an in-depth questionnaire) to further identify the needs and goals of your group. She is committed to the participants in your company or organization getting optimal value and return on your investment. Here are some of her most popular workshop and keynote topics, and can be mixed and matched according to your needs.

Celebrity Speaker

Transition…It's Not a Pretty Sight: Reinvention In Really Challenging Times

As one of the most popular event speakers, Lois knows change is happening at record speed and affecting people both personally and professionally. Whether your company is being restructured, or your former jet-setting lifestyle is being reduced to a moped budget, or perhaps your empty nest is causing you to re-evaluate. Transitions can bring challenges but both opportunities.

Opportunities are boundless, from generating creative and innovative ways of doing business, new partnerships, and stronger relationships, to separating out the wheat from the chaff.
Participants will learn how to:

  • How to set priorities from a proactive versus reactive mindset
  • Look at change from a place of being enthused, energized and empowered
  • Developing a greater sense of well-being and focus
  • Building a powerful team and strategic partnerships
Bloated at the Banquet of Life: Savvy Solutions for Moving from Stress to Success

This is one of Lois' favorite convention speaker topics. Have you ever gone to a buffet and by the time you heaped a  fourth or fifth selection on the plate, it all starts to meld together? By the second trip, you're so stuffed that all you want to do is zone out and go to sleep? On a metaphoric level, that's what is happening to many people. So many people struggle with feeling over-stuffed but unfulfilled, not to mention stressed out.

In this highly creative and innovative presentation, which can also be used for a workshop, we will look at Five Power Principles that will serve as a catalyst taking you to from Stress to Success by shifting your perspective, as well as integrating creative ways to bring simplicity and scintillation into your life. Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • The vital role of the mind body connection and how it impacts you.
  • Key solutions and strategies to create and maintain priorities and focus
  • How to deal with distractions and the "drainers" that keep us stressed and overwhelmed
  • Practical, easy-to-apply self-care techniques that bring you back to your Mojo Flow
Convention Speaker
From Procrastination to Productivity: Five Power Principles to Get You Moving

In "Procrastination to Productivity, "Five Power Principles to Get You Moving," we learn to see procrastination as an important messenger that serves as a roadmap to not only learn about ourselves, but to learn how to move forward in a powerfully engaged way.

Rather than "doing the same thing and expecting a different result" (Sigmund Freud's definition of insanity!) one comes away better able to stress less and succeed more, and have greater productivity in the process.

This program is a perfect fit for leadership events, organizations in transition, as well as entrepreneurs and working moms. Participants will learn:

  • To move your team from "Criticism to Curiosity," and Creativity
  • To overcome one's DNA for Dizzying Distraction
  • To stop berating one's self and start focusing
  • How to stay engaged, establish a plan of action and create a power team
"Your workshop is still resonating with our members. It's contagious. You did so much in a short period of time."

-Susan Fine
Junior League
"We recently had Lois as a Speaker at our Advertising Women of New York Professional Development Events.

Lois was dynamic, personable and extremely effective. She made the evening fun, interesting and gave actionable items in getting a handle on goals and planning.

I would absolutely recommend and hire Lois again. She is an excellent partner - we received an overwhelming positive response to the event!"

-Michelle Tenzyk
Owner and Principle
East Tenth Street Group
Guest Speakers really set the tone for your event. Lois is committed to not only edu-taining your participants, but providing substantive content, a compelling message as well as fun and effective exercises. In this way, Lois not only supports participants in creating rapport, a very important element of a successful event, but also helps to solidify the overriding message of your event.

Guest Speaking is done most effectively when it not only frames the messaging of the entire event, but peppers in easy to apply exercises and principles that can assist your group in going to a whole new level as well. That's why Lois' presentations are a great fit as a convention speaker as well.
As a Guest Speaker, Lois' believes that where there is laughter, there is learning. That is why she uses humor, energy, and science to support people in outwitting their obstacles, living lusciously, and thriving professionally. This makes Lois a perfect fit for a guest speaker at your next event.  In fact, one event organizer said it best when he wrote, "It's been a long time since we've had one of those up on your feet speakers, everyone was so enthusiastic, it set the tone for the rest of the conference."

In addition to her work as a speaker and a trainer, she was the life coach for SELF and FITNESS magazines, which were two of the longest running and most prestigious makeover campaigns. Something to think about when bringing a celebrity speaker on as well.

Guest Speakers

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