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Courage to Sparkle Book by Lois Barth
The Audacious Girls’ Guide to Creating a Life that Lights You Up

A go-to-guide for the audacious woman who is passionate about shining brightly in her life. Filled with compelling stories and powerful exercises that champion her to trust herself, give perfectionism the boot and create a life that is fulfilling.
With Lois' GEMS you will learn how to:
Clarify what makes you SPARKLE

Live your most vibrant self on a daily basis

Celebrate your multi-faceted gifts in your career

Lighten up when dealing with change

Advocate for yourself from a place of passion and worthiness

Overcome perfectionism and shine brightly in the world

Move from Dimmers to Shimmers

Create a community of light, love and inspiration
What Readers are Saying

"Courage to SPARKLE: The Audacious Girls' Guide to Create a Life that Lights You Up is a wonderful blend of deeply spiritual principles combined with powerful solutions that guide women to step into our power, nurture our intuitive selves, support each other in doing the same and cheers us on in the process. Plus it's just a fun read! This is a powerful and transformational book that I highly recommend to all my clients."

- Aleta St. James
Energy Healer and Life Coach
Author of bestseller Life Shift

"As a longtime client and fan of Lois Barth's, I am thrilled that she's gathered her wisdom into a complete book (she has enough to fill a few more volumes). My sister, Tali Edut, and I first worked with Lois when our business was at a crucial turning point. As a coach, she lovingly guided us to make important changes that turned our company into the profitable venture it is today, many years later. What sets Lois apart is her blend of authenticity, fun and major personality, bolstered by a rock-solid background of experience, training and practicality. She's a savvy New Yorker who "gets it" while also bringing a nurturing and sisterly vibe. Lois genuinely cares about and invests herself into the people she works with...and really, into everyone she meets. She is also a phenomenal storyteller. Reading the anecdotes in Courage to SPARKLE is comforting but also brought much "laughter of recognition." At risk of sounding sappy, this book really touched me. We all need encouragement and tools to keep believing in ourselves, and to bravely forge ahead on the paths that call to us. Lois does this with wit, style and yes, plenty of sparkle."

- Ophira and Tali Edut, The AstroTwins
Astrologists and Lifestyle Experts
Authors of bestseller Momstrology and The Astro Twins' Love Zodiac

"Courage to SPARKLE really helped me stay inspired and on track while I was going through a lot of change especially in my career. I couldn't help thinking while I read it, 'I've got a bestseller in my hand.' Now that I have found my dream job I can't wait to buy a copy for every women on my team."

- Katie Whitton
APR Director of Public Relations
Southwest Transplant Alliance

"With her signature humor and wit combined with great heart and wisdom, Lois manages to create a book that entertains and inspires. THE COURAGE TO SPARKLE is an invitation for all of us to live our bliss. "
- Richard Damien
Transformational Healing Coach and Author of A MONK IN THE WORLD.

"Courage to SPARKLE” is like spending time with an insightful therapist, light-a-fire-under-you coach, loving friend and stand-up comedienne all rolled into one. A smart, sassy and sophisticated guide that champions women both personally and professionally. Lois' “motivation meets methodology” style opens minds and hearts with powerful solutions to live your truth, own your value and create a fulfilling life. "
- Ilona Chessid
PHD. Copywriter and Content Strategist

"I definitely felt my own 'inner sparkle' shining brighter after reading Lois' book. In a society that tells women 'don't be too much,' 'it's important to be nice,' and 'you don't want to stand out too much,' we grow up with these messages so often dimming our own shine. My wish is that many women read this book and know that it is ok to own all parts of who they are. I had the opportunity to work with Lois when I was in the middle of a huge career transition as a makeup artist. She was a godsend in the moment when I was ready to give up everything that I had worked so hard for. Through my work with her I found that part of my real truth and gifts was to make a difference on the planet. My client work transitioned from feeling tired and unappreciated to clients who valued me. I healed a huge 'under earning' story I had and began to see that what I was offering my clients was so much more than what I alone could see. I'm thankful for my time with Lois. It was priceless."

- Leora Edut
Creatix of Goddess On The Go

Lois Barth is a Human Development Expert, Speaker, and Coach, Recovering Good Girl turned Audacious Girl! Lois champions women to embrace their Courage to SPARKLE. She accomplishes this by helping them to celebrate their gifts while championing them to live their most audacious self. Lois guides women to communicate powerfully and advocate for one's self from a sense of passion and purpose. Her easy-to-apply 5C method (Curiosity, Compassion, Connection, Course Correction and Courage) assists in Creating a Life that Lights You up!

Lois brings 25+ years experience as a speaker, coach, comedienne, professional storyteller, and health care practitioner. Often referred as the 'Bette Midler of Women's Empowerment,' her keynotes and trainings combine compelling stories, humor, movement and powerful exercises that are rooted in brain science that create sustainable results. She has spoken for L'Oreal, Society of Women Engineers, Capital One Bank, The Girl Scouts and the Naval Underwater Warfare Center, amongst many others.Her programs are both female-focused and male friendly.

She is the creator of Smart Sexy TV: What Nobody Talks About But Everyone Needs to Hear. This YouTube series provides lighthearted invaluable in the areas of communication, stress management and business strategies. Lois has been the life coach for three national magazine makeover campaigns; SELF, FITNESS and FIT STUDIO (Sears) and is a sought-out expert quoted in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL,, WEIGHT WATCHERS, and to name a few.

Her articles have been published in The New York Times, Massage Magazine, and SELF. Lois is the Stress Less...Thrive More Lady for C.T.Style TV(ABC Affiliate) and is a contributing author for three anthologies: Have I Got a Guy for You, Money Talks, and Celebrating Women.

She is thrilled about her first 'book child,' Courage to SPARKLE: The Audacious Girls' Guide to Creating a Life that Lights You Up (Motivational Press) due Oct. 27th 2016.
Courage to Sparkle Book by Author Lois Barth
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Courage to SPARKLE by Lois Barth

Lois Barth

A go-to, smart, sassy, and sophisticated guide that teaches women how to be their own champions both personally and professionally. Known for her powerful and practical solutions delivered playfully, Barth shows readers how to stand out, radiate their brilliance and celebrate the multi-faceted dynamos that they are! Courage to SPARKLE is packed with compelling stories and cases studies, interactive exercises rooted in psychology and brain science, and LOIS-isms (Lessons, Opportunities, Insights and Solutions). Lois' SPARKLE principles known as GEMS helps women clarify what lights them up, how to express their most audacious self, and design a life that is fulfilling. Lois' motivation meets methodology has been gleaned from her work with over 800 coaching clients as well as her presentations to tens of thousands of people as a performer and a motivational speaker.
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