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“Reinvention during Really Challenging Times.”
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What transition is your organization or company going through? How do you want to keep your team, staff or employees motivated? What message do you want a Speaker for Business to impart to your team, groups or organization to come away with?

Lois Barth, Trans-Fun-Mation speaker, coach and trainer edu-tains groups on practical and powerful strategies and solutions for staying on track with one's vision, purpose and passion.
She uses humor, energy and science to help groups and individuals outwit their obstacles, to live lusciously as well as thrive professionally.

Humor shifts perspective. Energy allows one to focus. Science provides a road map for one's innate wiring, so they can work in cooperation with their natural blue print for productivity.

Lois has discovered in her 20+ years experience as a coach, speaker, health care practitioner and comedienne that people learn best in an environment that's upbeat creative and fun. That when you use the tools of humor, storytelling, everyday metaphors and easy to apply exercises that they can apply directly into their lives, participants come making tangible and sustainable results. And have fun in the process of doing it!

In addition to her work as a speaker and trainer, Lois was the life coach for two prestigious and long running makeover campaigns in women's magazines; SELF and FITNESS. As a result, she really understands and shares her expertise on what supports change and what undermines it.

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When it comes to being a Leadership Speaker, Lois knows that it's important not to try to reinvent the wheel but rather to put a playful spin on it. She highlights the most ideal attitudes, behavior and best practices that make up a winning management team in a fun and interactive way.

As a corporate speaker, who needs to support the organization's sales team, she does this by sharing creative and thought-provoking stories and metaphors, that she calls the "The Soul of Sales," program that edu-taines participants on the essential ingredients of what supports success in both management and sales.

Leadership Speaker

Whether she's brought in to do business speaking, leadership speaking or corporate speaking, Lois knows it's really about human speaking; reaching out to that inextinguishable light that is in all of us, but sometimes feels like we're on dimmers.

Lois is a life long learner and a passionate enthusiast of human potential. She has researched human behavior, mind/body connection, humor as a tool to shift perception, and brain science. She has learned from working with hundreds of clients through the years as well as witnessing the key components of what allows people to be taken over by their obstacles, rather than use them as a launching pad for living lusciously and thriving professionally.
Lois highlights the most ideal attitudes, behavior and best practices that make up a winning sales team in a fun and interactive way. She brings in funny and thought-provoking stories and metaphors that create a laugh and learn environment.

Whether making a funny connection between her neighborhood mutt, named Mutt, who only lets her pet him because he's "in it for the biscuit," to sales people who suffer with "commission on their breath," lacking the key element of rapport and relationships, and just going for the results.

From there she peppers in easy to apply exercises that encourage learning and retention that they can immediately use in their lives. By getting a revved up reminder on everyday business strategies that support success and productivity.
Business Speaking
"Lois returned to our office by popular demand for another edu-taining presentation. The session encouraged us to make a commitment to move to action about the one activity we would like to complete, but have not.

Lois is a dynamic speaker and coach that knows how to move you to action and make the process simple, fun and productive.

Thank you, Lois!"

-Joseph Yagar MSFS BCE RIS, Financial Consultant,
NL Financial Alliance (NLFA)
"My company is working better together as a whole, and my employees are happier and more motivated. Our revenue is up 294% from a year ago!"

-Maureen Lowe
President and Founder FTF
Transition…it's not a pretty sight, but an absolute essential for reinvention!"

As a business speaker, Lois Barth, bring the three P's; Powerful Practical and Playful Solutions to your team or organization? What's next for you in your business, and how would you like to align your team, department or staff with your goals?

  • Reviving their "Mojo" by creating enthusiasm energy and empowerment.
  • Shift your team from "frantic and fried" to "focus and follow-through."
  • Enhance confidence and build morale
  • Strengthen communication
  • Navigate change through challenging times

When Lois is brought on board as a business speaker, she first learns about your goals and objectives for your event, and then customizes her programming to meet those needs, while
edu-taining the participants.

These programs are also a great way to jumpstart a successful networking event that will create rapport and open up new opportunities. Lois' unique mix of thought provoking content and stories, universal metaphors may be just the perfect mix for your event.
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