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“Nurturing the "Garden of Greatness" that is in all of us.”
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"Lois is inspiring personally and professionally. She served as my coach for a year and I was always amazed at her insights and the way she connected the dots to further my goals."

-Nancy Nielsen Corporate Responsibility Executive
Humor, Energy, and Science

Lois uses humor, energy and science to support groups and individuals to outwit their obstacles, live lusciously and thrive professionally. She brings her combined 20+ years experience, as coach, speaker, health care practitioner and storyteller/comedienne to her work. 

What has fascinated her most has been noticing the through lines between people who use their obstacles as a launching pad to step into a whole new aspect of reinvention, both personally as well as professionally.

Lois comes to this work, not only from her professional expertise, but from her personal experience as well. Knowing that one teaches what they need to learn, she became an ardent student in the classroom of life. Having struggled with anxiety, harsh self-criticism and overwhelm, that kept her stuck for years, she became what she calls a "transformational pit bull." Relentlessly studying and exploring ways to nurture that "garden of greatness" that is in all of us, she uses that to guide others to do the same.

She knows first hand that the gap between knowing and doing can feel as wide as the Grand Canyon and how the Itty Bitty Committee (those slippery little self-sabotaging stress-promoting voices in one's head) can stop one from achieving one's goals and feeling fulfilled. That within every human being there is an inextinguishable light, but often most people have the experience of being on dimmers. Lois' work serves as a bridge between insights and implementation,
edu-taining individuals and groups on how to make these important shifts.

And actually having fun doing it!

People learn best in an experiential way, in an environment that's upbeat, creative and fun. She integrates storytelling, metaphors, humor, movement and easy to follow exercises which fosters a laugh and learn, highly interactive and social environment.

Where there is laughter, there is learning, therefore her principles and tools for what she calls "trans-fun-mation," are delivered in a very playful yet powerful way, mixing in thought provoking Lois-isms to enhance learning and retention.

Lois was the life coach for two of the longest running and prestigious makeover programs in women's magazines; FITNESS and SELF, which to date, over 1.6 million people have participated in. ?She has also been featured in and have been a source expert for All You, Woman's Day, and Weight Watchers Magazine amongst many others.

She has been an on-line expert for many relationship sites, and her essays and articles have been published in The New York Times, SELF, Massage Magazine, amongst several others.
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(646) 342-5911
(646) 342-5911
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